Families turn to the caring, professional staff of The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS) for programs designed to relieve the emotional and financial trials during their journey with childhood cancer. The NCCS continues our commitment to supporting families throughout survivorship.

Young Warriors
See your love in action. Read the stories of our courageous kids who are able to get to the treatments they so greatly need because of you.

Scholar Survivor Stories
Read the award-winning essays of childhood cancer survivors as they share their inspirational words.

The NCCS Beyond the Cure Program sponsors survivorship conferences with late effects clinics across the country. Find an upcoming conference in your area.

Long-Term Follow Up Clinics
Find a clinic near you for medical care and follow-up monitoring with expert physicians.

Information for Survivors
Find information in a variety of areas including school, work and medical care to best navigate life after cancer.

Information for Parents
The NCCS knows parents give so much for their children to live full, happy lives well throughout survivorship. Here, parents can find practical tips and webinars covering areas from managing your child’s educational plan to nurturing your own relationships.

College Scholarships
As childhood cancer survivors plan for the next step of their education with the same determination they’ve shown through the difficult challenges of cancer, the NCCS is there for support through the Beyond the Cure Ambassador Scholarship Program.

Late Effects After Treatment Tool (LEATT)
Our Late Effects After Treatment Tool is a simple, online tool that provides personalized information on potential late effects.

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